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Silent Night Beds at Simply Carpets and Beds

Rest Assured Beds at Simply Carpets and Beds Horsforth, Leeds

Limelight Beds at Simply Carpets and Beds Horsforth, Leeds

KozeSleep at Simply Carpets and Beds Horsforth, Leeds

Highgrove beds at Simply Carpets and Beds, Horsforth, Leeds

At our showroom in Horsforth we have a large selection of beds and mattresses on display, including vacuum packed mattresses and our team are specially trained to get advice on the best product for your individual requirements. Also available in any size including single, three quarters, double beds and king size. If we do not have the bed in you require we can easily order from many of our suppliers and when we deliver we can take your old bed away.

At Simply Carpets and Beds we work with the following suppliers: Silent Night. Rest Assured, Kozee Sleep, Highgrove Beds, Limelight Beds, Timeliving and Kaydian.

In our showroom we do not only have beds and mattresses but have on display such things as headboards and bedroom furniture. Feel free to call in and have a look around our premises in Horsforth or if you know what you are looking for give us a call speak to one of our team, who can easily order what you are looking for.

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